Bigger Tablet, Better Note-Taking

Following the recent announcement of the new iPad Pro, which will be equipped with a bigger screen, and thus allow for better note-taking ! The two most important features of a note-taking app are its user interface and its facility at switching between typing and hand-writing. Also, since the majority of us keep our files on the cloud, the note-taking app has to allow you to save your files on the cloud. My Time News thought to review a few note-taking apps for you. 

1. Noteshelf is a newcomer, with a clean and slick design. The application functions as a notebooks library, allowing its users to create a new book for each class or business meeting. When completed, the notebooks can be shared by email or other services such as Dropbox, or exported as PDFs. The notebooks are customizable (with titles, and different covers), and come in different paper types (squared, lined, plain, and specialized for sport scores, music notation).

When taking notes in the app, you can type into text blocks, write with a stylus, create diagrams and insert photos and audio files. These elements can be combined on one page, and when the page becomes full, you would simply move to the next one.

2. MyScript Nebo, another new application,  is powered by MyScript Interactive Ink, one of the best systems of handwriting recognition. This stylus-based note-taking app allows you to hand-write, draw, edit, and even format your notes painlessly, as it can recognize your handwriting, and help you with formatting. This app also allows you to incorporate additional content such as interactive diagrams, editable equations (thanks to MyScript Calculator), free-form sketches and, annotations on pictures. You can also choose to export the note as text, HTML, or as a Word document. Your notes can be organized into folders, pages, or notebooks.

3. Evernote is a well-established full-featured note-taking app with great features and integration that stores its contents in the cloud. Your note files can thus easily be made available on multiple devices, allowing collaboration for team editing. However, recently, the features in the application’s free-access services were limited to encourage people to pay for access. Its paid features are available from $4. Also, Evernote's design can be confusing compared to the newer note-taking applications. 

Before you choose your note-taking application, we encourage you to read different reviews and test a few apps before committing to one.