10 Useful Time Management Tips

Do you often find yourself running behind schedule and scarifying your personal free time to finish that last important task at work?  It does not have to be that way ! At MyTime News, we believe in a work-life balance lifestyle, especially during summer ! We thought to share a few tips to help you improve your time management as a fun summer resolution.

Inspired by an article from the Telegraph, the following tips can help you establish a more organized lifestyle:

1. Set aside half an hour to plan your day each morning

Perhaps write a to do list, colour-coded with a list of priorities, especially when you feel overwhelmed by the amount of tasks to be performed during your day. The list will get you to a productive mindset, and checking its boxes after you finish its tasks will leave you with a very satisfying feeling of productivity.

2. Make sure that you factor in time for interruptions

You need to schedule some time for the unpredictability of life. You will most likely receive unexpected phone calls and emails that require your urgent attention. This will allow you to readjust, instead of drawing into stress and anxiety.

3. Accept that you cannot answer every call or respond to every email instantly

If you need to finish a project, let the phone ring and disconnect instant messaging. In other words, prioritize your tasks, and respect your boundaries. 

4. Try setting yourself deadlines throughout the day to prevent tasks dragging on

If you have a specific written goal to "send 20 emails by 10 am," you are less likely to get distracted by another project. If necessary, schedule these deadlines in your calendar to keep yourself on track.

5. Before every meeting or phone calls, take a few minutes to work out what exactly you want to get out of the appointment

 You will have a specific meeting agenda in front of you and will keep you focused on its purpose. After the appointment, review your notes along with your meeting agenda. This will help you getting what you need out of meetings for your specific tasks, in a more efficient way.

6. The “Pareto principle” states that 80% of your success comes from 20% of your activity

Try to figure out your 20% of activity and then prioritize them to improve your productivity. 

7. Entrepreneurs can often struggle to delegate, preferring to be hands on with every aspect of their business

This attitude is not a viable long term solution. Learn to delegate/outsource tasks to your co-workers, keeping in mind their strength and your priorities.

8. Batch similar tasks together to work more efficiently

If you have several calls to make, hang a “do not disturb” sign on your door, close your door, and make them all in a row.

9. Be ruthless with meetings. Always set an agenda and a finishing time

Do not let them drag on or allow participants to go off on tangents. The average office worker spends around 16 hours in meetings each week, but a full quarter of this time is usually wasted.

10. Get rid of distractions when you need to focus

 This could mean working in a quieter room or putting on headphones to block out office noise. Do not have social media sites running on your browser that you might be tempted to browse – unless they are important to your work.