Optimise Your Work Flow with Intelligent Scheduling Tools : A Review

Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and smart algorithms touch almost every aspect of our lives, no matter where we live or what we do for a living. From electronic banking to various phone apps, bots are hard at work to simplify our lives. MyTimeNews has compiled a list of intelligent scheduling tools to help improve workflow and work-life balance.

There are a few different automatized scheduling options available on the market, but ‘not all scheduling tools are created equal’. There are a few different factors to be considered for choosing the best scheduling platform that suits your needs, like your group size, post-scheduling changes needed, and whether you need automatic schedule generation or not!


How many employees will be using the scheduler? For larger company with less financial concerns, Kronos would be a suitable scheduling tool, as it possesses a long-standing experience with large work teams, and provides various options and custom tools that cover an assortment of human resource (HR) restrictions and preferences. Deputy is equally popular with larger industries; although more affordable than Kronos, it accommodates fewer HR limitation types. Costs can vary extensively as they are based on the number of users, type of support, and payment frequency.

Post-scheduling Features

If you are or have been in charge of scheduling anything, you are familiar with the frustrations of last-minute deserters. While a good schedule helps a better workflow, on some occasions, last-minute changes need to be applied due a traffic delay, illness, or emergency, to name a few. Post-schedule features such as ‘shift swapping’ become essential in finding a replacement or modifying operations, in a timely manner. Zoomshift offers a simple shift exchange space to facilitate the shift replacement process. Although this tool offers scheduling templates, it is not fully automatized and flexible.

Schedule Generating Utility

This factor has to be examined carefully before any HR or purchase decisions are made. For smaller teams, with a generally regular schedule, a smart tool with manual drag and drop employee-to-shift assignment is good enough. But for larger groups or in organizations with many labor law constraints to consider, manual scheduling tends to be annoying and cumbersome paper and pencil or spreadsheet planning sessions Sunday nights at the kitchen table. In such cases, an intelligent and automatic tool that takes into account employees' availability and skill becomes essential. To that end, Humanity provides the basics of an intelligent scheduler as it is programed to fill the shifts.

To help guide your selection of an intelligent scheduler, MyTimeNews has compiled some options into the table below.

Shiftboard Kronos Humanity Deputy ZoomShift Ximble
Free Trial
Price Per User $3 $3 $3 $1 $1.5 $1
Smart Auto Scheduling
24/7 Support
Shift Swapping
Employee Portal
ADP Integration
Setup Consultation
Long Term Contract
Fairness and Quality Optimization

Like any other aspect of technology, young and aspiring start-ups are hard at work to find their way in the market with their nimble innovations. Of note in the scheduling market, aside from the classical players, is the new kid on the block MESHAI. Released in July 2017, this cloud-based scheduler offers an attractive and impressively light-weight user interface. It only requires the company's list of employees and jobs, as well as the workplace's rules. Fully automatized, MESHAI claims that its proprietary algorithm allows for a simple and efficient scheduling process, designed to accommodate employees' pre- and post-schedule requests, in a swift and efficient manner. Also, it features modern technology, such as calendar integrations and a shift bazaar for easy and quick shift swaps. Its pricing is one of the lowest on the market, with $1/user/month, with no additional contracts and setup fees.