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How to Train Your Brain Like an Olympic Champion

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games have come to an end. As we marvel at the top international athletes’ powerful and awe-inspiring physical skills and performances, let us not forget about their remarkable mental prowess, which is as important as their physical training.

From surgeons performing challenging state-of-the-art procedures, to medical residents juggling with constant pressure and ever-changing schedules, to Elon Musk’s numerous innovative ventures, the psychology of peak performance can help anyone become a champion in their life and career. 

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Scheduling and Retail Work

Finding and creating a (near-) perfect schedule for both employees and managers comes with a few major challenges. The good news is that managers can easily keep the balance between their employees’ needs and their business benefits by implementing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) scheduling system. Here are some of the major scheduling challenges that a smart AI scheduling tool can help resolve.

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Working on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, America ! A Federal Holiday since 1863, for many of us, Thanksgiving rhymes with home, family, turkey feast, Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, and football. It also marks the beginning of Christmas shopping, while being one of the busiest periods to travel in the USA. Before you start packing your bag and putting the turkey in the oven, let us take a moment to thank the brave workforce who will be working on this most cherished American holiday. 

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