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How to Train Your Brain Like an Olympic Champion

The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games have come to an end. As we marvel at the top international athletes’ powerful and awe-inspiring physical skills and performances, let us not forget about their remarkable mental prowess, which is as important as their physical training.

From surgeons performing challenging state-of-the-art procedures, to medical residents juggling with constant pressure and ever-changing schedules, to Elon Musk’s numerous innovative ventures, the psychology of peak performance can help anyone become a champion in their life and career. 

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Mental Health Doesn’t Take a Vacation: A simple guide to surviving the Holidays

The Holidays usually bring families together, as we take a well-deserved break from our busy lives. Unfortunately, they are also a major source of stress due to financial pressure, unrealistic expectations, grief, family drama, poor diet, etc. Practicing self-care becomes essential for surviving the Holidays. Not only will self-care reduce stress, but it will also force you to slow down, breath, and enjoy the present. We have put together a series of 10 useful tips to help you navigate around the stress of the Holidays :

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Scheduling and Pay Calculations in Daycare Facilities: Easy as ABC?

In our modern world, where most women are increasingly taking part in the workforce, daycare centres become fundamental to a healthy work-life balance; without them, some of us could not make ends meet. Daycare employees have the great responsibility of taking care of our youngest citizens, preparing them for school and life. MyTimeNews has recently investigated the issue of workforce fairness in scheduling and pay calculations within the American and Canadian childcare sector, to shed light on daycare professionals’ work conditions. We offer solutions in hope to optimise or improve their time tracking and management.

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Back to School : The ABC of Time Management

Now that Labour Day Weekend is behind us, it is time to get to "business" with the annual back-to-school frenzy! Whether you are parents with kids attending kindergarten or high school, or a freshman, graduate student, young professional or a teacher: back-to-school is the perfect time to restructure and manage your time. MyTimeNews has compiled a series of 7 smart tips to save your sanity by helping you start the new academic year and make the most out of it, like a true multi-tasking, time-management wizard!

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