Track Your Sleep to Improve Your Lifestyle

Time is precious -- especially when it comes to sleeping. In the wake of Jawbone's demise and rumoured rebirth as a startup (Jawbone Health Hub), My Time News thought to introduce you to a few pieces of technology to help you improve the quality of your sleep, and with it, your health, good spirits, and productivity !  

Most of the current sleep trackers measure the quality of your sleep by tracking your movements during the night. Some advance trackers like Fitbit can also monitor your heart rate and thus provide a more accurate picture of your sleeping patterns. Both trackers come with their user-friendly applications, which are designed with a simple interface to display your sleeping patterns and suggest ways to improve your sleeping habits and quality.

Measuring your sleep to assess its quality and, if necessary, to improve it, can lead to a significantly positive impact on your general health and performance. As we spend ⅓ of our lives sleeping, sleep becomes central to our well-being, health, and productivity. For instance, in an article published on Sport Techie, Andre Iguodala recalls the massive sleep deprivation he experienced when he got drafted in the NBA. He would sleep from 4AM to 7AM every night. Added to the daily pressure and stress of his new athletic career, his mere 3 hours of sleep per night were decreasing his energy level and overall performance. His lifestyle was thus unhealthy and unbalanced, and his performance was not up to his (and  the NBA’s) standards. Wanting to improve his lifestyle and performance, Iguodala focused on their main antagonist: his sleep. He started using  Jawbone's  UP3 tracker and got surprised by the results. Not only did the tracker and its application helped him understand the impact that his sleep had on his athletic performance, but they also providing him with tips, data, and reminders that encouraged him to improve his sleeping pattern. Once his sleep improved, he was able to play 12% longer, his points per minute increased by 29%, and his fouls were reduced by 45%.

We encourage you to follow Iguodala’s lead so you too could benefit from good nights of sleep and their many positive repercussions on your life, health, performance, and well-being!  We invite you to take a look at our list of available trackers and choose the one that fits your lifestyle.

List of sleep trackers

Wearable devices



-Microsoft Band 2


-Garmin Vivosmart 3

-Misfit Shine

Detachable devices



-Sleepace RestOn

-Beddit 3

Check the following sites for reviews and more information about the best sleep tracking devices: