Summer in the City

Summer is the time for love ! From infamous tales of strangers falling in love in Paris à la Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris, to love stories blossoming by the lake on warm evenings around a camp fire, summer has been the season for hope, romance, and love. 

Are you around New York City and looking for an original date-night idea? Get your romance on and take the man or woman you have a secret crush on, or love, on the streets of Manhattan for NYC's annual sun-gazing event: Manhattanhenge. You will score some major dating points with that one!  Coined by the astrophysisian Neil deGrasse Tyson in reference to Stonehenge, Manhattanhenge (also referred to as Manhattan Solstice) occurs at sunset (May 28 & July 13) and sunrise (December 5 & January 8), where the sun aligns with the east-west street grid of Manhattan.  

So plan your date-night wisely on July 13 and make sure to be on the streets of Manhattan at 8:30pm to witness this amazing encounter between the sun and New York City's iconic skyscrapers; between nature and mankind. And, perhaps, be courageous enough to take advantage of this inspiring (romantic) luminous sight to declare your love to your date (then take a few selfies and post them on Instagram before experiencing your very own "Midnight in Manhattan") !